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One of our primary needs is shelter and that’s what home is for. As the population grows, business owners and investors see it as an opportunity to invest especially in real estate.

Buying a first home is an exciting and complex adventure. It can also be very time-consuming and costly if you’re not familiar with all aspects of the process such as prospecting and how the property market works plus you don’t have all the best information and resources at hand.

When looking for the best property to invest, it is quite a Herculean task if you are not an investor or expert. Property investment is an art or well-known side business to earn some handful extra grands or some better profit and with my specialties as a local market expert in Houston, I can assure you that you’ll get the best of what the market offers.


3406 Rogers StreetHouston
Single Family1,734 Sqft.
315 000
ID: 11441770 Built: 2015 Area: 1,734 Sqft.
Beds: 3 Baths: 3 Garages: 2
4740 COUNTY ROAD 399
4740 County Road 399Houston
120 000
3404 Rogers StreetHouston
Single Family1700 Sqft.
320 000
ID: 4676015 Built: 2019 Area: 1700 Sqft.
Beds: 3 Baths: 3 Garages: 2
714 Richmond Avenue
714 Richmond AvenueHouston
Single Family2200 Sqft.
950 000
ID: 70895951 Built: 1920 Area: 2200 Sqft.
Beds: 3 Baths: 2 Garages: 2
714 Richmond Avenue
9574 Windswept Lane
9574 Windswept Lane, HoustonHouston
Apartment1224 Sqft.
1 200
ID: 70470944 Built: 1978 Area: 1224 Sqft.
Beds: 2 Baths: 2
9574 Windswept Lane
135 Skycrest Drive, Sugar Land
135 Skycrest DriveHouston
Single Family2,209 Sqft.
259 900
ID: 92801905 Built: 1995 Area: 2,209 Sqft.
Beds: 4 Baths: 3 Garages: 2
135 Skycrest Drive, Sugar Land

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